About Us

Vajrateja is a premium rice brand that has a stronghold in the Telangana region. We use the best machinery in class to produce rice of the highest grade. Our history combined with the premium quality of our rice makes us the perfect choice for every rice lover.

With an entirely hands-free mechanism, Vajrateja takes its machinery to the pinnacle of efficiency. We have the largest rice mill the Telangana state has ever seen. This exquisite set-up, complete with our state-of-the-art machinery, allows for fresh & fluffy rice all year round. We hold our quality check processes & our love for producing quality products very proudly. Our 6 distinct variants are a result of the same.

Why Choose Vajrateja

20 Years In The Industry

Quality Above All

State Of The Art Rice Mill

Hands-Free Mechanism

About The Founder

Mr. Yadagiri Chittipollu

Mr. Yadagiri Chittipollu, the visionary founder of ‘Vajrateja’ has dedicated his life to perfecting the art of producing quality rice. His passion for working with top-of-the-line machinery & his craftsmanship in Rice Mill has garnered a respectable name among the experts in the industry. 

Mr. Chittipollu’s enviable portfolio in the Rice Mill industry speaks volumes about his commitment to excellence. His ambitious endeavour to build and operate the Biggest Rice Mill in Telangana is a testament to his unwavering dedication and a symbol of pride for the state.

And with Vajrateja, he aims to bring his vision of capturing some of India’s best flavours to life & providing people with the best culinary experiences.

Mr. Yadagiri Chittipollu

Our Vision

Vajrateja’s current presence in Telangana has a massive reach which instils us with a sheer commitment to stringent quality. Our vision is to provide the absolute best in premium standard rice & make it accessible across the entire nation & beyond.