6 Diabetic Friendly Rice Recipes You Can Make With Vajrateja’s RNR Rice

Freepik link: Free Photo | Baked meatballs of chicken fillet with garnish with quinoa and boiled broccoli. proper nutrition. sports nutrition. dietary menu. top view Many people living with diabetes often ponder how they can safely include rice in their diet without causing significant fluctuations in their blood sugar levels. With the advent of healthier […]

12 Awesome Fun Facts About Rice that Every Rice Lover Needs to Know!

Rice, a staple in the diet of almost half the world’s population, is revered for its versatility and its ability to complement a wide array of dishes. Beyond its culinary appeal, rice has a wealth of history, a variety of uses, and a significant impact on cultures around the globe.  Here are twelve awesome facts […]

How to Make Rice a Balanced Meal?

In India, rice is more than just a staple; it’s an integral part of our culture and traditions. Its versatility, affordability, and widespread availability makes it a key dietary ingredient in many cultures.  But how can we make this beloved grain the main ingredient of a balanced meal that nourishes both body and soul? While […]

Rice Hacks: 11 Time-Saving Tips for Cooking Rice in Hurry

Rice is a staple in Indian households, and it’s often the base for many delicious dishes like biryani, pulao, and curries. It is loved for its simplicity and adaptability. Whether you’re preparing a quick weekday meal or a last-minute dinner party, knowing how to cook rice efficiently can be a real lifesaver. However, cooking rice […]

10 Nutrient-Packed Rice Bowls for a Balanced Diet

Rice  is consumed in various forms across the country. While many people believe that rice can lead to weight gain or isn’t nutritious, it’s essential to understand that rice can be a part of a balanced diet when combined with the right ingredients. In this blog, we’ll explore what a balanced diet is, why it’s […]

7 Innovative Uses of Rice in Non-Culinary Applications

Rice, often hailed as a dietary staple worldwide, is celebrated for its role in nourishing billions of people. But what if we told you that rice, this humble grain, has a far more significant role to play than just satisfying our appetites? In this blog post, we’ll explore the fascinating world of rice and its […]

South Indian Rice Specialties: From Dosa to Comforting Sambar Rice

When it comes to diverse and delectable cuisine, South India takes a front seat. The region boasts a rich culinary heritage that includes a wide variety of rice-based dishes, each more flavorful than the last. The region is so diverse but one thing that unites this region is its exceptional culinary heritage. From the crispiness […]

Rice for Digestive Health: Fiber-Rich Recipes for a Happy Gut.

The concept of digestive health is central to our overall well-being, and our dietary choices play a vital role in maintaining a happy gut. While we often associate fibre-rich foods with fruits, vegetables, and legumes, it’s time to shine the spotlight on a staple grain that deserves recognition for its digestive benefits: rice.  In this […]

Debunking Rice Myths: 7 Essential Facts You Must Know

Rice is one of the most widely consumed grains in the world. As a staple food, it provides sustenance, comfort, and nourishment to billions across the continent. However, over the years, various myths and misconceptions have surrounded rice, causing confusion and raising questions about its health benefits and impact on our diet.  In this comprehensive […]

Cooking with Vajrateja Rice: Traditional Recipes v/s Fusion Recipes

Vajrateja rice, renowned for its unique aroma, texture, and flavour, has long been a cherished ingredient in traditional Indian cuisine. Passed down through generations, traditional recipes highlight the timeless allure of this exceptional grain. From fragrant biryanis to creamy kheer, Vajrateja rice has remained a cornerstone of classic Indian dishes. These dishes highlight the rice’s […]